How to get rid of hemorrhoids & constipation in a natural & safe way


Seriously, when you do a browser search on the internet for how to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally & constipation relief, you are typically given sites that essentially rehash the same fundamental advice you’ve heard A ZILLION TIMES:

    • Consume fiber-rich food
    • Drink more fluids or Hydrate Better
    • Lead an active lifestyle by exercising more
    • Keep to a diet that has rich sources of vegetables or fruits
  • Using a deluge of laxatives that could be fatal to your well-being

No doubt. I’m sure you have been frustrated with reading the oft-repeated advice so many many times, in the hope that there might actually be some nuggets of wisdom that are actually DIFFERENT, something you have never came across before; or some “tip” that will provide you relief with immediate EFFECT!

I know first-hand, how baffling, uncomfortable and painful constipation and hemorrhoids can be. I can commiserate with the long list of conditions that you are probably experiencing right now… but before we proceed to the whole litany of problems associated with constipation and hemorrhoids, we need to understand clearly what is constipation and what are hemorrhoids.

Constipation refers to bowel movements that are not very frequent or hard to pass and excrete. The stool or faeces is usually hard and dry. Other symptoms might include abdominal pain or bloating. There is usually a feeling of still having something “stuck” up your ass. Complications from constipation may include hemorrhoids. Underlying medication illness such as parkinson’s or diabetes may appear with constipation due to the drugs or medications taken. Even those taking opioids might develop constipation. It is hereditary whereby the chance of getting it is higher if there is someone in the family with a history of inflammatory bowel diseases or colon cancer. Older folks would also get it as the body organs do not function so well as they age.

Hemorrhoids are swollen and enlarged anal veins. They appear due to many causes such as sitting on the toilet for too long a duration, straining when passing motion, and they are sometimes caused by the strain and excess weight of a fetus during pregnancy.

There are internal hemorrhoids and external, or prolapsed hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids occur higher up in the rectum and what you will generally experience or see is some bright red blood on the stool or faeces. It is when they prolapse they can become extremely problematic and troublesome.

Some prolapsed hemorrhoids will only bulge or protrude out with a bowel movement and will spontaneously go back into the rectum. Some hemorrhoids prolapse with a bowel movement and can be pushed back inside the rectum. A prolapsed hemorrhoid that cannot be pushed back into the rectum may require surgery. These severe hemorrhoids may also prolapse with coughing and sneezing. They may also have a chronic mucus type discharge which only adds to the inconvenience or embarrassment.

If you’re lucky, and steadfast, you can treat some hemorrhoids without surgery. The first recommendation is to increase the fiber in your diet or meals. This can easily be done by consuming a fiber supplement on a daily basis. Increase your water intake to help keep your stools soft might help too. Taking a stool softener can help but we don’t recommend it. When you wipe after passing motion, do not use toilet paper. Instead, you can use a cotton ball or pad pre-moistened with witch hazel. For itching you an use any of the numerous over the counter hemorrhoidal preparations.

If the above recommendations don’t help, your physician may recommend hemorrhoid surgery. Small hemorrhoids can be “banded”. A rubber band is placed around the base of the hemorrhoid, thereby constricting it. This band stops the blood circulation that feeds the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid shrivels and withers away. Some surgeons treat hemorrhoids with sclerosing agents, which do the same thing as a band.

Laser coagulation can also be performed. With laser coagulation a small electrical current is applied to the hemorrhoid via a probe. This electrical current causes the blood flow to the hemorrhoid to stop, causing it to wither away. With larger hemorrhoids surgical removal is performed, usually with local or spinal anesthesia. After the hemorrhoid is removed gauze packing is used to help reduce bleeding. There is generally a 4-5 day period of “down time” following this surgery. Any rectal bleeding should be checked by your physician for further diagnosis.

Russian Roulette


Awful torment and distress can result from the efficacious and often aggressive attributes of the chemical compounds and physiological effects of the laxatives that we commonly see at the drug store. You should not be surprised if these harmful effects last for days, or even weeks.



Very erratic and unsightly toileting visits are what you can come to expect if you have diarrhea. Unconscious release of fecal matter can frequently occur. This can also happen while sleeping. Think about how unpleasant that can be!


Permanent Damage 

You can cause long term enduring damage to the nerves and muscles in the intestinal linings of your gut. These are needed to function properly to aid the peristaltic movement in your digestive system to create the bowel movements necessary for excretion. While you’re trying for a fast respite, you can actually cause permanent harm to your body, sometimes resulting in long term constipation and hemorrhoids.


Electrolyte Imbalance 

Laxatives can cause electrolytes (Na+,K+, Ca++, etc.)  that omnipresent in your body to become dangerously out of balance. Electrolytes are fundamentally responsible for conducting nerves and providing muscle function, especially in your heart and brain. In some severe cases, these electrolyte imbalances can result in hospitalization and even be life threatening.



Most drug store laxatives and even some natural remedies for hemorrhoids that you consume can cause relapses and thereby worsen your hemorrhoids and constipation problems in the long run. In fact, even antibiotics should be given sparingly to prevent the pathogens (that cause our common illnesses) from becoming resistant.


Natural Remedies – Beware!

Natural does not mean safe and secure. It is of paramount importance that you have a trusted healthcare professional educate you about potential risks and dangers. Many relief products are listed as natural & safe but they can be damaging and fatal to your long-term digestive and intestinal health. Some rogue manufacturers actually hide what they put inside those products.

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anal fissures
  • Bleeding in the rectum
  • Fecal impaction
  • Indigestion
  • Metabolic Imbalance
  • Cancer

Let me quickly share with you more on my healthcare background. I run a nursing home specially catered to the infirmed and elderly. I have seen so many cases of the elderly with constipation and hemorrhoid problems. The normal quick fixes such as laxatives and even fruit juices such as prune juice are almost always too quick. The elderly couldn’t seem to get to toilets in time and would almost always soil their diapers or pants. Do note that the elderly in our homes are always getting a well balanced and rounded diet, but some are still experiencing constipation and hemorrhoids. Many of them often feel useless and despondent as their quality of life suffers from this chronic condition. You could feel the…..


Come on. I had this problem also. Although I was embarrassed and ashamed at the start, I soon came to realize that this is very very common. This is a problem that haunts millions of people(now you know why laxatives stock up ever so readily in the marts). And it’s not entirely our fault. Most of us DO NOT KNOW how easily we can rid ourselves of constipation and hemorrhoids.


Or so they say. Nine out of ten residents I speak to feel so much better after using what we gave them. They always say: KEEP IT SIMPLE. And it was really that simple. There is simply no greater joy on my face than a resident coming back and offering a heartfelt gratitude for the relief they received via what I advised. Actually, its a standard operating tool now at my nursing home. Through my experience, I learned that although each individual is different, there are certain physiological fundamentals that are similar in all of us.

squatting - sitting - puborectalis muscle - final

In our body, the colon moves fecal waste to the rectum for elimination. Just before reaching the rectum, the colon has a naturally kink (a bend) that helps to maintain continence. In the normal sitting position, the puborectalis muscle is only partially relaxed to block the flow of fecal waste. What this means is that, when we are in the normal sitting position, the puborectalis muscle is not fully relaxed and this forces us to put in more effort and strain for fecal waste elimination. By using this assistive device I am recommending you, you can thereby fully relax the puborectalis muscle and allow the colon to empty fecal waste in a much more complete and quicker manner.


Seriously, we were never engineered to sit on toilet bowls. We were meant to SQUAT! But squatting on toilet bowls can come across as rather uncivilized, and not to mention the long term aches and pain it brings to your knees if you do not squat properly. The solution is actually very simple – a squat stool that can tuck right under the toilet bowl. In addition, its ergonomic design is such that the rear end of the stool is slightly higher than the front end. Compared to other squat stools that are level, I find this helps a little bit more when you need to go to the toilet for elimination.


What we are recommending is only an assistive device to help you eliminate better, faster and in a more complete way. It goes against conventional wisdom to consume foods that are very likely to cause constipation. Ideally, you still need to have a balanced diet that comprises of the usual fruits and vegetables. 


You are not going to spend hours pouring through a long list of TO-DOs. You are not going to go to the kitchen and concoct some special remedy for consumption. You are not going to go down a complicated and laborious route. This is simply a piece of hardware that is designed to help you eliminate!

Depending on what condition your digestive system is currently in, you could achieve relief almost as soon as it arrives at your place. The GREAT NEWS is you WILL be relieved and feel so much better.  Many achieve relief after just the initial stages of using this but we know everyone is different. Most importantly, our belief is that you can help get rid or reduce your hemorrhoids if you do not strain while you are in the toilet. 

Key Benefits:


All Natural & 100% Safe~ 

There is no consumption involved. This is just a device to help you excrete better. No use of dangerous and potentially harmful laxatives. People who have used this swear it works BETTER than over-the-counter laxatives!


Saves $$$

This upfront but small cost will end up paying for itself over and over again while saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you would have been spending down the road for medical consultations with colorectal specialists and prescribed treatments.


Time Saver

My suggestion saves you the time and the hassle of scouring the internet or other books any further.  I’ve already spent months researching and combining my knowledge to help YOU.


Fortify your Health

By taking care of this problem now, you can stop the avalanche of medical complications that commonly arise from chronic constipation and poor digestive health

Your Search for Answers Are Over

As I stated earlier, I am profoundly glad that you have found this website. I am reasonably confident that what I am recommending is to your benefit. As always, I worked diligently trying to piece together a solution for my residents in the nursing home and I feel that you should benefit from this too. I was determined to find a solution and share what I found to any person who wants to relieve their constipation and hemorrhoid problems. And I believe I’ve done just that.

I have personally invested my time, money(trying out so many different other things) and energy(running around testing this and that) to join the healthcare ranks because I wanted to make a difference in the health and lives of these residents. And I think this product will prove this passion of mine is well worth it. The greatest gift in life is to be able to share something that would be of benefit to others.

I would not endorse anything that I wasn’t proud of. You can be sure that it will be worth its weight in gold. My greatest satisfaction comes from helping individuals like you feel better and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

The only question left is… do you want to feel better?


Seriously, are you going to let a buck a day ruin your entire life? Affirmative action is required to feel better!

Put it another way: Would you rather spend the money on another meal that might possibly cause more constipation or hemorrhoids?

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Wishing you good health!

Yours Sincerely,



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